Chaiwala No More…

I voted BJP into power. I put my trust into a chaiwala who rose to be the Prime Minister of the country. I believed that he was a symbol of possibilities. I believed that with Narendra bhai we all had a shot at greatness. I believed that Narendra Bhai Modi could set right a lot of what was wrong with this country because he could feel our strife’s and turmoils and see from a chaiwalas point of view. I believed here was a man who makes it important for me to go into the polling booth because our country needed him, I needed him to be the Prime Minister. I wanted him to work 16 hours a day as he said, for us, the commoners. All that was said about him by the “secular” lot, I dismissed. I believed that he would write history. I believed past leaderships were not interested in us but in their personal vanity and wealth accumulation. Then I saw him escalate. Rise above his origins. I saw him extract himself from the roots and plant himself in his aspirations. I saw him live up. I saw him grace the exploiters. I saw him put up selfie booths. I saw him in his talked about suit. I just heard his voice through the radio as he reiterated his perfection. I saw him clicking selfies with Sonakshi. I waited for a selfie with a chaiwala, another chaiwala. And i realized. My beloved chaiwala was no more. The chaiwala whom I had put my trust in was no more. And I remembered George Orwell. The Big Brother has arrived in India. I reject you. I reject you despite you having power. Correct yourself and I might reconsider.


I am dedicated in my quest to understand the human mind and its ways.

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